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March 12th-April 5th come join us as we unveil a brand new show every weekend in the hopes to find Action/Adventure's next great serialized theatrical production!

For a 2nd year in a row Action/Adventure has put out a public call to writers, directors, and creators from Portland and beyond to submit their ideas for what could be the company's next great episodic show. Four "Pilots" have now been chosen and will receive their world premiere over the course of four weekends in March and April 2015. Audiences will then get a chance to vote for which Pilot they enjoyed the most and Action/Adventure has happily agreed for the 2nd year in a row to give that winner a full main stage run of their full episodic story in their 2015/2016 Season! Here's what Action/Adventure has selected:

March 12th-March 15th

From Beyond

Created By Brian Kuwabara

From Beyond will be a cosmic horror period comedy based on the stories and writing of H.P. Lovecraft. Similar in tone to the Re-Animator films and taking place in the 1920s, this mad camp production will be told through improv, physical comedy, and puppetry (including shadow puppets--ooohhh)!


March 19th-March 22nd

Punching and Wizardry

Created by Ben Coleman

Punching and Wizardry will be a comedic serial combining Dungeons and Dragons with contemporary relationship issues: Josh and Kat were a hard-partying power couple in college, but now they're approaching 30 and the things that used to define them are no longer fulfilling. On the advice of their therapist they institute a game night in order to construct a social group that isn't oriented around blue liquor and bad decisions. Since they don't know anyone like that, they are forced to recruit Roderick (the Dungeon Master), a former college chum who never liked them very much, and Shelby, a Tumblr kid from Kat's office.

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March 26th-March 29th


Created by Joel Patrick Durham

Nesting will be a semi-improvised, horror/thriller serial, creating an experience that will have audiences leaving the theatre unnerved, and in suspense. The show would take inspiration from modern thriller/horror films, sprinkled with Lychian elements, to create a dark and gripping atmosphere. Using minimal tech, practical lighting, and original sound and music (created by Andrew Bray), the hope is to create performances that will bring audience back every weekend looking for answers.

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April 2nd-5th

No Man's Land 

Created By Brenan Dwyer

No Man's Land will be a semi-improvised serial comedy that takes place in an all-girls Catholic High School. Think Mean Girls, but with more guilt. Three misfit friends adventure through Catholic high school dodging the watchful eye of a mysterious nun, competing with the popular girls, and contending with the crippling absence of boys in the hallways.


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