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Opening May 12th!

Running May 12th - June 4th
Thursday - Saturday 8:00
Tickets: $15 advance, $18 at door, Get them advance RIGHT NOW

WHERE: Action/Adventure Theatre, 1050 SE Clinton

Portland, Oregon - city of sodden dreams: a private investigator wrestles with her past's attempts to become her present. Whether she's diving down the rabbit hole or climbing up the chain of command, she can't stop until she finds the truth. And that rarely goes well...

Hawthorne is an original play by A/A company members Aubrey Jessen and Greta West, written through collaboration with a brilliant team of actor/devisors. Through the lens of film noir and pulp detective novels, Hawthorne explores what it means to navigate a world plagued by that unsafe, unsettled feeling of generalized anxiety that so heavily influences both film noir and an awful lot of people's lives. (Photo Credit: Pat Moran)

written and directed by
Aubrey Jessen and Greta West


Zoë Rudman
Jade Hobbs
Ellery Jessen
Beth Summers
Cassie Skauge
Jake Simonds
Andrew Haftkowyzc
Michael Zimmer

Devising Team:

Stephanie Cordell, Jade Hobbs,
Brian Kuwabara, Ellery Jessen,
Justine Davis, Jake Simonds,
Katie Watkins, Michael Zimmer,
Jed Arkley.



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Action/Adventure's 2015/2016 SEASON!

October 1st-25th


Created and Directed by Nick Fenster

All shows run Thurs-Sun at 8pm

Action/Adventure Theater: 1050 SE Clinton

Our hit sci-fi serial "Mars One" returns for a second season! Audiences are invited to catch all four episodes over the course of four weekends as we continue to tell the hilarious (and possibly doomed?) story of what life is like for the first humans to colonize MARS!


January 21st-February 14th 2016

It's Action/Adventure's third annual


All shows run Thurs-Sun at 8pm

Action/Adventure Theater: 1050 SE Clinton

Over the course of four weekends audiences will get to see four brand new shows vying for their votes and competing to get a full main stage production in Action/Adventure's 2016/17 Season. Previous winners have included Nick Fenster's "Mars One" and Brenan Dwyers "No Man's Land".


March 10th-April 3rd 2016

No Man's Land

Created & Directed by Brenan Dwyer

All shows run Thurs-Sun at 8pm

Action/Adventure Theater: 1050 SE Clinton

Winner of Action/Adventure's 2015 Festival of new works, "Pilot Season", Brenan Dwyer(Artistic Director of web series Potty Talk) brings us "No Man's Land", a semi-improvised serial comedy that takes place in an all-girls Catholic High School. Think Mean Girls, but with more guilt. Three misfit friends adventure through Catholic high school dodging the watchful eye of a mysterious nun, competing with the popular girls, and contending with the crippling absence of boys in the hallways.

Star Work

Created & Directed by Evan Ward

All shows run Thurs-Sun at 10pm

Action/Adventure Theater: 1050 SE Clinton

While some might be exceptional enough to go where no one has gone before, others have to settle for the thankless tasks that keep a galaxy-spanning bureaucracy running if they want to leave the planet at all. Follow the crew of the Griffin 23J as they gather soil samples from distant worlds, make copies of important space documents, and play board games by the light of foreign stars.


May 12th-June 4th 2016

Action/Adventure presents a brand new devised work directed by company members Aubrey Jessen and Greta West. The working title...


Written & Directed by Aubrey Jessen & Greta West

All shows run Thurs-Sun at 8pm

Action/Adventure Theater: 1050 SE Clinton

Over the course of this theatrical season Jessen & West will be devising and writing a brand new show with a team of talented Portland actors and designers. The goal is to create a contemporary film-noir styled comedy that explores and discusses the theme of modern day anxiety through the lens of female identity. 


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